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Atonement Healing© - Alignment of Mind, Body and Soul


Atonement Healing is the multi-dimensional reconciliation of the mind, body, and soul.  Through a self-developed and proprietary healing process, renowned dimensional visionary and psychic medium, Bert Strassburg assists clients in raising their vibration into alignment with their higher and BEST self. Benefactors of this amazing healing technique will receive energy to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being that is channeled from source and spiritual masters. Bert and his spirit team ensure that every person walks away with a sense of inner knowing and peace at the completion of their healing journey with him. 

Contact Bert Strassburg to schedule your Atonement Healing© Session.  Please DO NOT pay until your session is scheduled!  Thank you.


(612) 656-9007

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30 Min.
Phone or Zoom
Atonement Healing
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