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Atonement Healing© - Creating a Unification of Mind, Body & Soul


The energy within the human experience is changing from previous times.  We are entering a new phase of soul and body evolution that is moving past just healing the ailments that may cause physical pain and into new territory where healing is taking place on a molecular level and bringing together the soul and the body as one.  Past spiritual or energy healing arts and practices are already gradually (but quickly) becoming ineffective.  This is because the physical body is looking for healing that creates unification with the perfection and love of the soul.  Past soul issues that have manifested physically in this lifetime will not only heal, but will completely disappear.  The healing that takes place will change the body at a molecular level – so much so that DNA will actually adjust so that the physical and the soul become unified.


While there will be many versions of this new type of healing – the version that I have come to develop and use is called Atonement Healing©.  Atonement means reconciliation.  Through this healing process the soul and the physical body are reconciled at the highest possible level to create changes in physical and emotional well-being.  This healing is not about providing relief, but about providing change so that the soul and the body can move free in complete unification.  

Personal Healing Sessions


Personal healing sessions are typically 30 - 60 minutes in length.  The session begins with a short conversation regarding the Atonement Healing© process and the client shares if there is anything specific regarding his/her health they would like addressed.  The client will then sit comfortably in a chair or lie down on a massage table, close his/her eyes and enter into a state of relaxation and clarity.  The client remains fully alert, conscious, and aware during the process.  Atonement Healing© is a "laying of hands" healing experience.


Atonement Healing© is not the type of healing that requires on-going treatments.  1-3 sessions is recommended based upon the need of the client to get the full benefit of the healing.  

Distance Healing Sessions


Distance healing sessions are similar in that they begin with a quick 5-10 minute phone conversation.  Clients are then asked to sit or lie comfortably in a quiet space for 15-20 minutes while the healing takes place and then there is a follow-up phone call at the end of the session.

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